Things change.

Banks should


With Lunar you get a Visa card, an account and a banking app far from the ordinary. All for free.

Lunar is a 100% digital mobile-based banking app, and it’s our mission to fundamentally change the way we perceive, talk about and handle our money.

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A card you actually want to flash

The Lunar card is the three S's - specially designed, sleek and black (oh...). Anyway, we don’t lie when we say that it’s a card you want to show off. There is no yearly usage fee and it also doesn’t cost you anything to freeze or close the card. What’s not to like?


An account with free transfers and free payments. You can also integrate external accounts in other banks to check their balance in the Lunar app.


A sleek and beautifully designed card that you actually want to show off. The card is free and there are no yearly fees.


The Lunar app lets you manage all aspects of your financial life. You get an interactive budget, a personalized savings feature, spend overview, insurance, investment and much more.


The price? A big fat 0 - It’s free!

  • Free banking app

  • Free account and card

  • Free transfers

  • Free payments

  • Free payments of bills

It can’t make you coffee

But to be fair, it’s perhaps a lot to expect from a banking app. Instead, you get all you need to manage your personal finances in one place. Lunar’s app is designed to make handling your money easy and fun (yes, we said fun!).

Can you feel the FOMO*?

Then why not do something about it? Jump right in and give Lunar a try. It’s free, non-committal and we don’t care if we’re your only one, or if you have several other banks on the side. You decide.

* FOMO: Anxiety that an exciting or interesting event may currently be happening elsewhere, Oxford Dictionary.


What is Lunar?

Are we a tech company? Are we a bank? Are we part of NASA’s new space programme?

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