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With Business you get a business account, 100% digital onboarding, swift payment of bills and invoices, and a tailormade design, so you can handle the economy of your business.
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A business account - without all the hassle

Here are no troublesome and long-term processes. We've made it simple and fast for you to handle your business's finances so you can focus on what you do best.

You always know what you pay for

With Business, you always know exactly what you pay. Here are no hidden fees or unforeseen costs.

Yearly payment

165DKK/ month85DKK/ monthSave 960 DKK


199DKK / month99DKK / monthSave 300 DKK

"I applied for a business account in my own bank, but I was rejected because I was newly educated and without experience.

Therefore, I had to set up a business account with my partner, where we both had to show up in the bank and complete various formalities.

I, therefore, miss a more flexible, simple and user-friendly business solution wrapped in a delicious design."

Amir Hassan

Designer, Twelvepieces

"When I had to create a business account in my start-up phase, I had to read, sign and deliver a lot of documents.

It drains my creativity when my focus needs to be on complex systems.

The ideal business solution must be conspicuous with a simple design and a language that is at eye level."

Malene Windekilde

Founder and owner of The Powder Room

"It would be cool with a product that is smart enough to record when an invoice has been sent and paid.

My current business solution is relatively expensive - but not smart enough to drop my auditor.

So it should either be a lot cheaper or a lot smarter."

David Schweiger

Freelance photographer

"It was a long and difficult process to apply for a business account. I would answer a lot of questions and set budgets, even if you don't know what you will be earning in the first 1-2 years.

If you ask me, there's too much time and energy wasted on it.

I'd rather spend that time on my business."

Signe Mørkeberg Sjøstrøm

Founder and CEO, Elephants & Ants

"When I, as a 23-year-old entrepreneur, wanted to set up a business account for the first time, there was little help coming from my bank.

I've only gone to the bank twice in 2.5 years, and when I call, it's hard to get through to them.

The ideal business solution should offer more digital and personal guidance and support for young, newly started entrepreneurs."

Anders Grandt

Co-owner of Grisk

"I contacted my bank to create a business account and was rejected, but when I showed up in person and complained, I was approved.

When I subsequently received a bill of 1200 DKK in fees, I called again and complained after which it was deleted.

I miss a transparent and trustworthy business solution with good service that helps me in the start-up phase, rather than counteracting me."

Carla Mickelborg

Influencer & founder of

"There is so much that you have to go through if you want to open a business account.

When we started, we would even meet up at the bank to pitch our idea, and then we were faced with an arrogant attitude.

The way banks are on is so old-fashioned - it takes too much time and you spend too much energy. It should be easier, more transparent and far more open-minded than it is now."

Matthew Jeffrey

Hooked, Seafood truck & restaurant

Do as thousands of others

Experience how simple banking should be.
Whether you are a consultant, freelancer or entrepreneur.

Safety first


Your account is protected with biometric and convenient login - Touch and Face ID


Your money is secured and is placed in our partner bank, which is regulated by the Danish Financial Supervisory Authority. This means that you get the same security for your money as in other banks.


The guarantee form protects deposits due to bank bankruptcy in the bank, in case of bankruptcy, by up to 750,000 kr.

A business card like no other

We are testing our Lunar Way Business Card and we expect to send the first batch out in the end of December.
Active and upcoming


We want to make Lunar Way Business your preferred tool for handling your company’s finances. We’ll be adding integrations to the following brands, which will let you handle your money with ease.

Got questions?

You can always get in touch, if you have any questions. We've collected a few of the most frequently asked here.
Who can become a customer?

At the current moment, it is possible to become a customer if you are the owner of these types of company: Proprietorship, PMV, IVS or APS. The ownership structure of your company needs to follow the rule of only one owner which means that it is one person who is the owner all by him or herself. The owner needs to be authorized to sign and no board is allowed. Currently we do not accept holding companies, but we are working on finding a solution where some types can be accepted.

You need to have a 100% relation to Denmark which means that you need to be a Danish citizen, your company and address must be registered in Denmark and you are taxable in Denmark. In order to establish a Business account, you must be at least 18 years old. Your company is not allowed to already be connected with be  are not allowed to be a Business customer in Nykredit Bank if you want to become a Business user at Lunar Way.

Do I have to change my bank when signing up for Lunar Way Business?

That is up to you. You can choose to be a user of Lunar Way and still be a customer in your current bank. You can also choose only to be a Lunar Way user.

In what way are my finances secured?

Your finances are perfectly safe and they are placed in our partner bank which is regulated by the Danish Financial Supervisory Authority. This means that you get the exact same security as if in any other bank. Guarantee assets protect the amounts deposited on bank accounts in the bank in case of bankruptcy by up to 750.000 kr. per. depositor.

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